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Apr 17, 2013 7:15pm EDT
it the two days in mexicali and unfortunately for many of us californians, we think about two days in mexicali or two days in tijuana, normally not the two days that i'm going to speak about here. instead, this was a young lady, this was a young lady who was born in mexicali. her mother was a prostitute and a drug addict. they lived in los angeles, the mother born and raised there. she went to mexicali and they had a child in mexicali. she abandoned the child there and this child's grandmother went and found her. brought her back to los angeles. and the grandmother was i suspect a very christian, devout woman, and raised this child in a beautiful way because for 13 years she developed into a very successful student and a very nice person. we got to meet her because she was i guess 19 years old, she'd turned 19, and she had not known that she was an undocumented person. it never came up. so instead she lived her life thinking she was an american citizen. then she applied for college and at that point we hadn't changed the law yet as they had in texas to allow ar undocumented person
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1